Pride Tee


Pair this cool tee with jeans and you're ready to head out. Soft, stylish and ultra-casual, it's perfect for everyday wear. An all-purpose choice, a classic shirt collar looks great at the office and out on the town. A great active-wear option, the spandex fabric offers superior shape retention and stretch to maximize comfort. A combination of natural and synthetic fibers makes this polyester and cotton fabric light, comfortable and strong. A smart and sophisticated way to accessorize any wardrobe, rainbow stripes have a distinct and eye-catching charm. Dress to impress with stylish 3/4 sleeves that reach to mid-way between the elbow and wrist.


  • Collars/Necklines: Classic shirt collar
  • Material: Spandex
  • Blend: Polyester and Cotton
  • Design: Stripes
  • Sleeves: 3/4 Sleeves