Super stoked about this post. I had the awesome chance to shoot with someone who’s fashion I admire. I almost feel like I have a crush on her fashion style, but let me introduce Treeyapat to the blog, aka "Tree". I’ve always tread thin on the debate of what is “sexier” on a woman -- is it Tight and Fitted clothing that shows off curves, lack off or all that a woman is? Or, is it more Loose and Implied clothing that makes you wonder or speculate?

One thing I do know is that I LOVE when women rock both. Naturally, I do get drawn to more relaxed fitted clothes on women, because honestly it keeps me from staring or focusing on hardcore physical attributes primarily. In fact, it’s a bit creepy and can come off douchy, because I gaze more by trying to listen or hear the other person in their normal element of communication, conversing, and movement.

I don’t automatically believe all men (and women for that matter) who stare at the body of fitted clothes to be a**holes and gross. I just think, many are misunderstood.