Yo, I can’t begin to tell you how I would have never paired a flip flop with anything out in public or social setting if this was 10 years ago.  The idea of it would make me immediately make fun of others who rocked flops in a social setting.  Fast forward a decade later and here I am, proudly rocking flops to as many establishments that will accept me.

A very high crop pant is the move playa…along with white tubes or color high top socks.  The crop brings a short guy 1 inch taller, and the tube sock indirectly forces our eyes to think of an earlier fashion period, thus making us assume it is the right thing to do lol. 

Next is the suspenders.  How dare I wear suspenders without a suit or tux, the audacity of me! Umm is it me or does suspenders and thick belts not mesh. I personally don’t care for it much.  Primarily because any pant you wear shouldn’t really require a belt if you’re wearing the correct size.  In fact, the suspender is literally simply to ensure your pant does not fall show of your mid section, but not as a sole method of holding up (ie there shouldn’t be space between your waist/skin and pant).

As far as the #whiteteeonly, I decided to part the flop and suspender with a white fitted polo.  Also I did this to ensure you awesome folks understand that the “white tee” theme is more than just a white tee shirt.  But more so the fierce statement that plain/simple and direct can bring out your fashion by allowing you to explore more than a high end fancy brand piece of clothing.